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Interview with Colin Guinn: Solo on set with Michael Bay

Michael Bay and Solo on the set of 13 Hours “Michael is like the CEO of the movie.”   How’d you first connect with Michael Bay? I’ve actually been working with Michael for a few years now. He’s an avid small drone pilot and we’ve…


New Thermal Camera Integration for Solo

Since even before Solo launched, our customers, community and prospective commercial users have asked when they could expect IR sensors to be integrated into 3DR drones. An experienced operator could possibly hack a solution, but until now off-the-shelf consumer drones haven’t been optimized for IR….


Solo’s Custom Geofencing

In the latest Solo update, we debuted an important new flight safety feature: Custom Geofencing. This is basically scene awareness through software, and it’s an innovative approach to the object avoidance problem that other companies are trying to solve with hardware alone. Here’s a look…