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3DR Announcing Solo App Version 1.3: GoPro control

Comprehensive GoPro control has arrived in the Solo App! In addition to other feature improvements, version 1.3 brings you in-flight access to GoPro camera settings. In the last release (1.2.1) you got the ability to toggle between standard video mode (shoot up to 4k w/…


[3DR] Life After Gravity: Behind the scenes of episode one

Technology is simply the making of things and the making of things can’t by its own nature be ugly or there would be no possibility for beauty in the arts, which also include the making of things. Actually a root word of technology, techne originally…


3D Robotics’ Solo drone is about to get a lot more useful

byJames Trew |@itstrew| October 20th 2015 At 9:00am When 3D Robotics announced its Solo quadcopter, one of the more intriguing features was an accessory bay. Instead of opening up the Solo and wiring in, or screwing on an accessory (as is common with hobby drones…