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Part 107 is Here

With Part 107, the leaders of 3DR, North America’s largest manufacturer of drone technologies for commercial and industrial markets, are excited to see that the FAA has greatly lowered the barrier to entry for flying drones to complete commercial work. In creating Part 107, the…


FAA Announces Commercial Drone Regulations!

Today the FAA released the long-anticipated Part 107 commercial drone regulations. Previously, to fly a drone legally, the FAA required commercial drone operators to file a petition under Section 333, which required the UAV operator to be a licensed pilot and often took months to…


FAA Drone Registration Rules

This morning the FAA announced official rules for registering drones in the United States. Registration applies to a wide range of drone sizes, between .55 lbs. and 55 lbs., which, obviously, includes Solo and other 3DR drones. Below you’ll find a list of the FAA drone registrationrules. Put simply,…